Peculiar Pictures was formed by John Needham in 2003 to create and develop innovative television programmes and feature films in collaboration with exceptional writers and producers.


Peculiar Pictures is collaborating in the development of several feature films. Among them are 1884: Yesterday's Future - a unique puppet animation film created by Tim Ollive and Dennis De Groot (with Terry Gilliam as its executive producer) and Timequake is a computer generated animated fantasy adventure created by Steve Begg and John Needham.

For television, a documentary on Nobel prize winning writer Samuel Beckett is planned as is a piano recital following on from Peculiar Pictures' promotion of Simon Mulligan's acclaimed Concert for Alexis at the Wigmore Hall in London. The company is currently working with the Smithsonian Institution in Washington to bring the exhibition "What's Up, Doc? The Animation Art of Chuck Jones" to the United Kingdom.

Peculiar Pictures is always looking for exciting new projects but does not accept unsolicited scripts or outlines. Please be sure to contact us before sending material. 

PICTURE: Presenting 1884: Yesterday's Future at Media Cartoon Movie in Lyon.

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